Targeted Employment Area (TEA) for Census Tract 1805 in Humacao Municipio, Puerto Rico

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This EB-5 census tract report is an unemployment summary to determine if a tract, or combination of tracts, meet the unemployment requirements for the EB-5 program. If you have questions about this report, please feel free to contact us for assistance. Please see the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

The map to the left shows outlines of the census tract(s) selected for this EB-5 tract report and you may also see the tract(s) on the incentives map.

County-level Data

The section below titled Employment: ACS 5-Year and Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) section below shows two sets of employment county-level data. The ACS 5-Year (2011-2015) Survey data are from the American Community Survey and were published in December 2016. The Bureau of Labor Statistics county-level data were published in April 2017.

Counties may qualify if the unemployment rate is at least 150% of the national unemployment average. It is important to know that there are two national unemployment averages with the BLS being the most commonly known and used. The American Community Survey (ACS) also supplies their own estimates and historically a higher percentage than BLS figures. This report takes both the ACS and BLS county and national unemployment under consideration. From our understanding and research, both have been used by petitioners and approved for designation.

Tract-level Data and Eligibility

Data: The Results Using Census Share (Disaggregation) Methodology section below is a combination of the most recent tract-level ACS 5-Year study and BLS county-level unemployment. These two numbers reflect the most recent conditions and may contradict ACS 5-year eligibility. Each state is different as to what unemployment values they can/will accept; so, if one "Census-Share (Disaggregation)" number does not qualify, the ACS unemployment rate may help you make a better case when filing for a designation letter.

Eligibility:Any tract inside a county with high unemployment automatically qualifies regardless of the tract's unemployment rate.

There may be a number of additional options such as City and Rural options available. Feel free to contact us for assistance.

 Hint: Zoom/Pan the map to position the tract(s) into view for the best report printing results.

() Employment: ACS 5-Year (2011-2015) and Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

For counties, the ACS 5-Year (2011-2015) and the BLS 2016 results are the most current data. Tracts within a high unemployment county may be considered eligible by the state and the USCIS. The BLS line in the table is preferred by many states that mandate the census-share method such as Florida and California; however, the ACS row in the table show the most recent estimates spanning over a five years and may be considered by the state and/or the USCIS.   Please note that this summary only applies to Humacao Municipio and census tract(s) may qualify, see next section for details.

Source County FIPS Population Labor Force Employed Unemployed Unemployment Rate Qualifies?
ACS 72069 % No
BLS 72069 n/a 17,519 15,042 2,477 14.1% Yes

Results Using Census Share (Disaggregation) Methodology (Most Recent Data)

The values in the table reflect the census share disaggregation method using the ACS 5-Year (2011-2015) and the average county values provided by the BLS in April (2016).

The list of census tracts reflect the result of the changing employment conditions since the ACS 5-year study. If employment improved since then, the newer average unemployment may disqualify an otherwise ACS-qualified targeted employment area. Please check with your state or contact us as the guidelines as to what numbers (ACS-5 Year above or the Census Share) are different state to state.

IMPORTANT: Please verify that your project is in the "(Site)" tract in the table. You may verify that tract -- it was the first selected EB-5 tract on the incentives map.

No data available for this census tract.

Legal Name FIPS Population Labor Force Employed Unemployed Unemployment Rate Qualifies?

ACS 5-Year (2011-2015) Data

The data in the table are from the most recent American Community Survey (ACS) 5-Year (2011-2015) and are the tracts selected on the map. In December 2016, the ACS 5-year (2011-2015) census tract data was released. The unemployment rates in this section may not be preferred by the state and many states prefer unemployment rates generated by the census-share disaggregation methodology -- please see the section above.

IMPORTANT: Please verify that your project is in the "(Site)" tract below. You may verify that the site tract is -- it was the first selected EB-5 tract on the incentives map.

No data available for this census tract.

Legal Name Tract FIPS Population Labor Force Employed Unemployed Unemployment Rate Qualifies? Qualified

1 As provided by the ACS, the county unemployment rate may be estimated significantly higher than reported numbers supplied by the BLS. We only consider the BLS county-level unemployment rate to determine if all tracts in a county qualify.

Supporting EB-5 Regional Centers

Sorry, we do not have any record of an EB-5 Regional Centers supporting this area; however, please contact us and we'll get you the assistance you need.

Don't See Your Local EB-5 Regional Center?

If your EB-5 center is listed on, the EB-5 center may not have the service area(s) (Counties/States) defined at this time. We encourage you to contact for a EB-5 center profile review and update. Otherwise, please contact us for assistance.


ReinID works to maintain the accuracy of its reporting data. However, it is important to note that each state has its own set of guidelines regarding TEA and EB-5 designations. Additionally, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has designation oversight. ReinID advises that you contact us for guidance prior to contacting an EB-5 regional center. ReinID makes no guarantees that any census tracts will be accepted. The report is only intended to present supporting data as it is presented by our sources. We urge you to contact us for assistance.


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