EB-5 TEA Map

An EB-5 TEA (Targeted Employment Areas) can be found many ways and its our goal to offer the easiest ways possible.

  • If you want to lookup a county and one or more census tracts, use the County Search tab below and follow the simple steps.
  • If you want to just lookup census tract by using an address, you may use the Search by Address tab below; however, our home page or incentives map may be better options for you.
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Three Easy Steps for Finding Targeted Employment Areas

Step 1: Enter a County Name or 5-Digit County FIPS

Begin by entering the county name (or equivalent name) for five-digit FIPS in the text box below and a dropdown list of county selections will appear. Simply select the desired county.

Example: Orange County or 12095

Step 2: Select project tract (in {{SelectedCounty.c}})

Select your project census tract from the list below. If you do not know this tract number, you may find the tract by using the full incentives map .

Enter a tract number or select one or more tracts from {{SelectedCounty.c}}, {{SelectedCounty.s}}.

Step 3: See the report or See the tracts on the map

See the report and see the tracts on the map will show your project's census tract, {{SelectedTracts[0].TractName}} (in {{SelectedCounty.c}} {{SelectedCounty.s}}), and any additional tracts you selected. Also note that tract numbers (FIPS), as defined by the Census Bureau, are actually eleven (11) digits long and do not have a decimal pont. For example, your project tract FIPS is {{SelectedTracts[0].Fips}} and may be viewed on the map by itself.

The additional tracts you've selected will also be a part of the report.

See the report See the tracts on the map

Example: Try 390 N. Orange, Orlando Florida
Example: Orange County or Try 12095018900

ReinID is committed to real estate incentives tied to geographic areas and specific locations. Not only do we have maps and reports, we also make our data available to you for your business and your client's needs.

Please contact us for any of your incentive needs.

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