What is the idea behind location incentives.

The original idea behind  reinID was to help you discover whether a location was eligible for a certain incentive.  The idea has since grown to identify multiple incentives, which are tied to a property and may be available to you.  reinID has evolved to include a real estate listing service, which allows buyers and sellers identify incentives tied to a property, and profile such incentives on the listing.  Whether you are looking to buy or sell, or whether you are currently a landowner, real estate professional, lender, investor, developer and/or business owner, search our site to learn if any incentives might be available to you.

We work daily and diligently to identify incentives that may be available to a property.  We invite you to come back and visit us regularly to make sure you are able to take advantage of the latest and hottest tips as we continue to evolve and introduce new applications.


ReinID is committed to real estate incentives tied to geographic areas and specific locations. Not only do we have maps and reports, we also make our data available to you for your business and your client's needs.

Please contact us for any of your incentive needs.

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